1 Heart 1 Tree on the Eiffel Tower for COP21 Yubu Pan Damini par Naziha Mestaoui et MAHKU (Tribu Huni Kuin) Yubu Pan Damini by Naziha Mestaoui and Mahku (Huni Kuin Tribe) One Heart One Tree for the Climate Conference Paris – COP21 – Par Naziha Mestaoui SOUNDS OF LIGHT par Naziha Mestaoui ECHO & NARCISSE par Electronic Shadow SOUNDS OF LIGHT par Naziha Mestaoui ONE BEAT ONE TEE par Naziha Mestaoui CHAOS THEORY par Electronic Shadow DOUBLE VISION par Electronic Shadow avec Carolyn Carlson EX-ILES par Electronic Shadow Résonance – Frac Centre, oeuvre permanente VIBRATIONS au Grand Palais par Electronic Shadow PAVILLON DES METAMORPHOSES par Electronic Shadow

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Naziha Mestaoui, artist and architect, lives and works in Paris. She is pioneer in the art of the digital age, and recognized as inventor of realtime 3D Video Mapping, a patented technique at the crossroads of spatial and imagistic art.

She exhibits her artworks across the globe: MOMA in New York, Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, the Museum of Photography in Tokyo, the Contemporary Art Biennale in Sevilla, Sao Paulo’s SESI, Shanghai’s MOCA….

Her travels among aboriginal peoples (the Amazon, India, Oman) prompted a series of projects based the plurality of approaches to the Man/Nature relationship. Through her art, she invites us to use our technologies to reconnect with nature, creating a dynamic giving the possibility to inspire our future.

During the United Nations Climate Conference COP21, Naziha launched a digital, green and citizen artwork «1 Heart 1 Tree» supported by the United Nations and followed by more than 1,3 million people. A powerful and engaging experience offered citizen around the globe to transform the Eiffel Tower into a virtual forest. For every virtual tree, generated by their heartbeat a real tree has been planted in a reforestation program on all five continents.

Today, Mestaoui is recognized as an avant-garde artist who personifies an altruistic vision of art and insists that nature be at the very heart of cultural issues.


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